Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it so Great to Work for Google?

"America's best place to work"

Biggest internet success in history. There must be something.
$150 billion dollars
More than 10,000 employees worldwide
Drinks, snacks, meals everything is free. Cookie jars, people bring in their dogs -I assume to watch them work or work with them, you never know with Google.
Gym, pool, voleyball court, ping pong, dry cleaning laundry, shoe repair, concierge service, barber shop, baby sitting, 5 doctors for free check ups, massage, how can this culture of entertainment succeed outside of Hollywood?
They receive 3000 job applications a day, I am not impressed at all. How people won't like to play errrrr I mean work in a place like that? Of course it will remain people's best working place as long as they offer free food, laundry, games and all that teenagers crave for.
11 restaurants, refer a friend to work at Google? $2,000.
I wonder...WHEN THOSE PEOPLE DO WORK!?? How can they be productive with so many distractions? If I take a day off from work and decide to do my laundry, go to the gym, have a massage, play with the turtle and then go to the voleyball court to play I wonder...wouldn't that take all my day away?
Google has such tremendous success not because these superflous and frivolous ways of working but because the tremendous power its company model represents on the internet. They could be more profitable and productive without all those kids' gadgets -just concentrating on their daily working challenges that Larry Page and Sergey Brin created 10 years ago.

I am not so sure Airbus Aérospatiale would be better off if the management decided to offer free cookie jars with Winnie Pooh designs and skating along their facility for their productive engineers dressed only with a pijama and Spider Man slippers .

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Andrew said...

I must agree with your perspective. It's not good to be in that kind of atmosphere. I would feel distracted while working on some tasks. What's more, the communication issue can be a problem, especially when I try to reach my colleague who is too busy doing unimportant tasks.

I can understand that Google and other companies encourage employees to have some freedom and it helps them to be ambitious with work. But, I disagree with them.

Apple did that in 1980s and it caused problems. Microsoft has been doing the same thing for years and it's even mentioned in Bill Gates' biography. They even allow employees to install grass in their own office. Incredulous!

For sure, I like to be very dedicated toward my work. A few minutes of break is not a problem with me.

Like you, I am much happier working in a serious working environment.